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From now on I will be posting exclusively on my tumblr, you can check it out here :

Thanks for all the lovely comments over the last year, always appreciated.


Desktop Mag Contributor Illustrations

Had the absolutely massive privilege of creating the contributor illustrations for the February issue of Desktop Magazine. The six amazing creatives I illustrated included Annemarie Jaeggi, Ashely Morris, Edward Hann, John Maeda, Sam West and Surya Prasetya. See some images below.

Hand painted wedding card

One of the designers at work was getting married so I made this custom congratulatory card for him and his new wife. Used watercolour paper, water colour pencils and water. Font is metro script.

Colouring in Comp!

This is my entry for the Jay and Silent Bob Colouring Contest!

2011 Ray-Ban Photography Awards

Hi Everyone, so I need a TOUCH of help on something, I've had four images chosen as finalists for the 2011 Ray-Ban photography awards in the iPhone category, but I need people to 'Like' them, so if anyone is willing to give me a hand that would be much appreciated! Links as follows :  Image One, Image Two, Image Three, Image Four. Thanks in advance!

Update: Just realised I had another two images become finalists! Eep! Here's links to those as well : Image Five, Image Six.


Most weekends we eat out, but today we treated ourselves to homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries, ice-cream and maple syrup, yum!

Photos from the White Rabbit Brewery

Scott and myself went for a trip out to Healsville last weekend, here are some photos I took from the White Rabbit Brewery. Some really amazing hand drawn typography in that place, highly recommend dropping in for a beer if you're ever that way.

Note; if anyone knows who does the design work let me know so I  can link to them.

Update, the lovely people at 'Oh Beautiful Beer' have let me know that Braincells is responsible for the branding.